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338 Madison Ave.
Moorestown, NJ  08057

          Doesn't look so bad for an old house, right ?


    Lets get up close and personal with the problem

    The house is projected to be over 200 years (my goal this year is to get to the Historical Society and have it researched).

    I had been putting off painting the exterior for too long. The paint was peeling from nearly every piece of trim and the wood was exposed to the weather. So much so that I had to replace 5 window sills.

    I never thought of taking before and after pictures until after. But this window is symbolic of the condition of all of the trim.


    Typical window. Looks like this after 2nd application and two to go!
    9 Colors of Paint

    Start scraping !!
    I was surprised that there were no automated tools to scrape the paint off.

    Before I started I didn't know how much I was going to scrape off. As it turned out the paint was cracked down to the original coat in many areas so I figured since I am already scraping I should do it right and get it down to the bare wood.

    It took me 4 months to scrap 26 windows and all of the trim.

    I used a chemical, can't remember which. Just ask the guys at Moorestown Hardware, they will help you out. In fact, they helped me throughout the entire process.

    I had to apply the chemical 3 or 4 times to get all 9 colors (probably equated to about 12 layers of paint).

    Guess what? I lost 10 pounds during the scraping period. Yeah, I gained it all back since.


    Darth Vader

    I had to be careful not to let the chemical drip on my skin or else it would burn.

    It was especially difficult doing the ceiling of the porch since most of the chencial dripped back down on me.
    So I wore a rain poncho, plastic gloves, and a face shield. I felt like I was Darth Vader.


    A Family Affair

    Chris is busy at work scraping the front windows.


    A Little Help From My Friend

    Louis: 'Uncle Randy, how long will it take to fix (fill and sand) and paint that window?'

    Uncle Randy: 'About an hour.'

    Louis: 'How long if I help?'

    Uncle Randy: '2 hours'

    Louis: 'Huh?'


    Thank Goodness Caitlin Likes to Paint

    Chris scrapped and Caitlin Painted!



    DId you ever hide the last peice of a puzzle that the family was putting together? And, when they were finally down to the last piece, looking for the piece, you say (getting it from where you hid it) 'Here it is'.

    In that spirit, we left a 1 foot by 1 foot square unpainted untill everyone was home and we finished the job together - that was fun!


    Volay !

    9 months of labor comes to fruition.

    At this point, the entire exterior is painted. Next I need to put up gutters (half rounds) and snow guards before I can retire for the winter.


    Let it Snow !

    Since my roof is slate it should have snowguards (keeps the snow from avalanching off of the roof and tearing the top gutters off ( has happened twice to this roof)

    Sorry, I don't work on slate roofs. So I called Tait Roofing and they promised to install the snowgauards before 1st snow. Yep, they followed thru and did a nice job installing 3 rows of snow guards.

    I have to thank my neighbor, Joe Veldon. He physically helped me on a number of things as well as loaning me speciallity tools that really cut down on my time significantly. I'd still be up there on the ladder if it wasn't for Joe - Thanks Joe!


    Wow! What a Difference!
    Thanks again to Moorestown Hardware, Joe Veldon, and Tait Roofing!

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