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Save The Environment of Moorestown (STEM)
PO Box 704
Moorestown , NJ  08057
Phone (856): 722-9495

Save the Environment in Moorestown (STEM) was founded in 1972 as a grass roots organization with a mission to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural environment of Moorestown for today's and future generations.

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Preserve and Protect

STEM advocates for the preservation of open space and natural resources located in Moorestown. STEM regularly provides input into the town's master plan, zoning, and ordinances that are relevant to environmental preservation.

Through its support for the Moorestown Open Space Advisory Committee STEM helps to prioritize properties for preservation and acquisition, including the mapping of critical environmental sites. STEM also assists the Moorestown Environmental Advisory Committee (MEAC) with maintaining an inventory of open space found in Moorestown.

STEM actively pursues preservation of open space through direct acquisition or through conservation easements. STEM also helps other land trusts to acquire and maintain open space in Moorestown.


Community events like STEM Steps Out are held to introduce residents to the rewarding benefits of open spaces in Moorestown. By giving tours of Moorestown's open spaces such as Wigmore Acres, Little Woods, and Pompeston Park, STEM hopes to achieve the important goal of encouraging residents to take an active role in caring for Moorestown's natural areas. Residents gain a greater familiarity with open space sites in Moorestown and understand why their help is so vitally needed to maintain these precious community investments.

Natural Area Care

STEM has developed a rich tradition of caring for Moorestown's open spaces with Second Saturday workdays.

Natural Area Care is part of an ongoing program to encourage residents to become stewards of their community's open spaces. On the second Saturday of every month, STEM meets at one of Moorestown's open space sites to remove invasive plant species, clear trails and pick up garbage. Families are most welcome. Younger children enjoy scouring the trails for bottles, cans and trash. Participants should wear protective clothing and gloves to guard against poison ivy.

Check the events calendar for information on cleanups. For the best information regarding a site or NAC event please contact the appropriate site leader.

For other information, contact NAC Chair Kay Smith (235-2986).

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From: 7:00PM To: 9:00PM

STEM 40th Annual Meeting




& Election of the Steering Committee Slate

Thursday, March 29, 7 p.m.

Moorestown Meeting House, Moorestown Friends School

Admission Free

(Questions? Call Kathy 856-778-2201;

Contact: Kathy
Phone: 856-778-2201

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